GROGMEET 16 – June Update!


GrogMeet 2016 (corrected)

More tickets have been released for GROG MEET 2016 and a waiting list opened (to be advised of cancellations.)

The event is being held on 12th November at Manchester’s Mad Lab, in the heart of the city’s Northern Quarter. Doors open at 10.00 for board games and chat, RPG sessions begin at noon and will finish at 4.30. The GROGNARD files ‘zine will be launched at the end of the event and every attendee will get a copy to take home.

Use the eventbrite page link here – let me know if you have any issues.


New games have been added. I’m awaiting details of the final member of the Magnificent 7, but the confirmed games are:


Operation Twitcher: 1938, American Explorer Richard Byrd is quizzed by the Nazis about the South Pole, he informs the British and American governments of the Nazis interest but no action is taken at this time.

1942, reports are received of strange phenomena in the far South Atlantic. Richard Byrd now an Admiral in the US Navy is called in by the admiralty to brief a select team of marines and scientists on dealing with with the Antarctic conditions.

GM: Katherine Simmons-Smith


Boot Hill 3rd edition Wild West Role-Playing Game, one of TSR Inc’s forgotten gems. Boot Hill is a game of grand adventure in the American Frontier; a world of cowpokes, gamblers, sheriffs and gunslingers. This is an original adventure based in the official setting Promise City entitled “Matthew 12:43”

GM: Ian Griffiths


  • Judge Blythy from the GROGNARD files will be running a STORMBRINGER adventure to feed Arioch with souls.
  • We’re delighted to have GM @Asako_Soh on the team, who is fresh from running games at UK Games Expo and the D&D Tweetup,  to run a classic adventure for West End Games Star Wars RPG
  • Dirk the Dice will be taking players to Glorantha in a Classic RUNEQUEST scenario: Assault on Lunar Outpost XIII.

The event will begin with demonstrations and ‘pick up and play’ board games hosted by – the home of convivial gaming. Cris Watkins will help us get in the gaming mood with mass participation games and a pop-up library of sample games to play.

The event is taking shape. More information will be released next month. Sign up sheets for the RPGs will be released nearer the time.

Beginning to get very excited about it now!


Author: Dirk

Host of The GROGNARD RPG Files podcast. Talking bobbins about Runequest, Traveller, Call of Cthulhu, T&T, AD&D and others from back in the day and today.

6 thoughts on “GROGMEET 16 – June Update!”

  1. No D&D?
    If you’re short of games I’d be happy to run something 5E – probably a modified version of one of the classics.
    Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh? Secret of the Slaver’s Stockade? The Throne of Bloodstone?
    Well, maybe not that last one.
    Obviously happy to discuss my grognard DMing experience and what you may be looking for as I am sure you are only accepting the best…

  2. Hi Andrew,

    I’ve had confirmation of a Dungeon Master for D&D 5e this week; he just needed to check his work and family commitments.

    I’ve reached the capacity of the venue for this time, would it be possible to put you on the list for next years event?

    Thanks for the kind offer.


    1. Absolutely. It will give me a chance to play instead 🙂
      If anyone flakes out, the offer stands…

  3. Cris here. Okay, so I want to play *everything* now. How about an RPG version of ‘speed dating’ where you play 15 minutes in each game on a ever shifting rotation basis?

    Oh, and is it true Blythy is going to play a dual class Cleric-Bard in the 5e game?

    1. I can see how a cleric-bard dual class would work – he’d wander the land singing sad songs about how he wishes he’d been a magic user.

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