Episode 9 (Part 1) Imagine Magazine (Paul Cockburn)

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We have been hard at work producing the GROGNARD files fanzine for Patreon backers. There are still a few hard copies available for new $3.50 backers. They are limited. Once they’re gone they’re gone. PDFs are available for download for $1 backers from 21st November.


Blythy joins me in the attic to look at some of the issues of IMAGINE in our collection.

I will be running the Luther Arkwright adventure THE FIRE OPAL OF SET at Convergence in Stockport on 18th March 2017.


We are pleased to join Paul Cockburn, editor of Imagine, and he talks about his gaming experiences and how Imagine got off the ground.

He’s back in the next part looking at specific features of the magazine.


@dailydwarf reflects on CRITICAL MASS and Dave Langford’s contribution to White Dwarf and the SF literary hinterland.


DM Mike from Save or Die podcast, asks a sensory Pelinore question …


Author: Dirk

Host of The GROGNARD RPG Files podcast. Talking bobbins about Runequest, Traveller, Call of Cthulhu, T&T, AD&D and others from back in the day and today.

21 thoughts on “Episode 9 (Part 1) Imagine Magazine (Paul Cockburn)”

    1. Hi Ian – thanks for listening – in the next part, Paul tells the story of the handover of the editorial responsibilities of White Dwarf. Would you be up for a chat about your experiences back in the day? Loved Dragon Lords! Dirk

      1. I’ve just listened to part II and have emailed. November and the run-up to Christmas is a busy time for me and I haven’t had much time. Ian

  1. Thanks a lot for having me on, Dirk. I’m sure I turned every anecdote into a three volume epic! I really enjoyed the bit you guys did before, too, delving into a few of the issues. I can’t remember what went ‘wrong’ with the Companion expansion issue… though we did struggle to get advanced copies of anything. I have a feeling that because we always had to send the cover in well in advance of the interiors, we may have been expecting to do more on the set than we were able to organise in the end. There’s a clear difference there to the issue with Marvel Superheroes, which we must have received in enough time for me to write anything!

    1. International communication was very different back then. It’s easy to forget that there would be a lag between a ‘memorandum’ between the States and U.K.. it was a fascinating chat. The best anecdotes are still to come. I’m looking forward to putting it out in December! Thanks again Paul!

  2. Excellent as always. Still have this uncontrollable urge to butt into the conversation between you and Blythy that disturbs my children on the school run.

    Would absolutely love you to do a podcast or two on the fanzine scene. At one point it seemed that everyone had their own ‘zine. Dragonlords, of course, but also the Beholder and Demons Drawl, and Imazine, and Quasits and Quasars and Doombook of Chaos and…….

    PS I am so sorry that my (possibly beer inspired) attempts at a northern accent have scarred you so. I’m pretty sure I was doing it in a purely complementary way – you radiate calm and wisdom in an often rather excitable world :- )

    1. Heh heh don’t worry – I wasn’t scarred! It was funny, but a scary reminder that people are listening to this bobbins and having an opinion about it! Definitely like to do an episode about ‘zines in the future. Thanks for the White Dwarf magazines that you donated for the GROGMEET raffle. I was pleased they went to the youngest attendee as it will help educate the next generation! Dirk.

  3. Well, I presume you have a pile of fanzines to look at?
    It would be amazing if we could get some of the zines scanned and put on drivethurpg or similar – cash for the pioneers of RPG fandom (probably a handy pension fund), nostalgia for us, and education for the young ‘uns.

  4. Hi, you meantioned play by mail during the episode, is it something that you think you would ever run again? I’ve never tried it so have a bit of an interest, it’s not easy to find people to game with in Japan, Roll20 is great, but the time difference makes things challenging. Andy

      1. Hi, Yes please, I’d like to find out more about it. I’m not very knowledgeable about Arthurian legend, but I read Bernard Cornwell’s Winter King saga a good 15 years ago and remember enjoying it a great deal at the time.

  5. Excellent Podcast, a real trip down memory lane, the glory days of White Dwarf and Imagine. Brilliant to hear you talking to Paul, if only they could make something like this again… Come on Kickstarter can’t you get some of these guys back together?!

  6. I have just re-listened to the podcast, and I realized that Judge Blythie has solved a long-standing problem for me. Unlike m’lud, I like clerics. As one of the old Scrotes suggested, they are a great combination of fighting and magic. However, every cleric is the same. They all get the same spells and they all have the same restrictions. Now, in my games, characters do damage based on their class, so clerics may wield swords, but they won’t do as much damage as a fighter. Judge B’s suggestion of looking at Imagine #20 also added a bit more variation and flavour. The cleric’s god can also influence weapon choice, spell availability, and even armour worn. Thank you for bringing this issue to my attention. Keep up the great work, gentlemen!

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