Episode 18 (Part 2) Judge Dredd RPG (with Marc Gascoigne)


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INTRO A new review on iTunes

WHITE DWARF @dailydwarf “2000ad and Me” a personal reflection on the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic

GAMES MASTER’s SCREEN Marc Gascoigne returns to talk about Fighting Fantasy, EarthDawn (!), The Black Library and Angry Robot. Also, the famous ‘lost’ RPG – Dark Future.

JUDGE BLYTHY RULES an examination of the system and setting of Judge Dredd RPG

OUTRO Details of the GROGSQUAD patreon campaign and an interesting project to document the early years of Games Workshop.

Author: Dirk

Host of The GROGNARD RPG Files podcast. Talking bobbins about Runequest, Traveller, Call of Cthulhu, T&T, AD&D and others from back in the day and today.

4 thoughts on “Episode 18 (Part 2) Judge Dredd RPG (with Marc Gascoigne)”

  1. Another good episode, Daily Dwarf was hugely nostalgic (in a good way), and I really appreciate your “let them ramble on” interview style, Marc took full advantage of that, even though he was straying into self-promotion, but then, doesn’t every good interview have a “book plug” moment? It was nevertheless very interesting and entertaining. The rules breakdown was as excellent as ever, even to someone like me who has never played the game. In the words of Young Mr Grace – “You’ve all done very well” (even without the blonde nurse).

  2. Another episode on Dredd and 2000 AD and not even a quick sample of the Fink Brothers “Mutants in Mega-City One”? That is by far my favorite song about Judge Dredd.

  3. Another wonderful episode.
    Amazing to hear Daily Dwarf – I thought I was the only person in the world to have gone with Krazy over 2000AD – I was brought up in Melbourne and my grandmother would send me a comic on a monthly basis. I chose Krazy…
    Dirk and Blythy – conversational “gold” as ever. You really are the British Ken and Robin :- )

    1. You’re a man of impeccable taste Dr. Cowie.

      You may be interested to learn that after acquiring the treasury of British comics, Rebellion are planning a collected edition of Birdman and Chicken.

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