Daily Dwarf’s Top 5 Issues of White Dwarf

Once in a blue moon there’s a post on the Daily Dwarf blog.

Here are his top 5 Issues of White Dwarf – what are yours?

Top Five Issues of White Dwarf

Author: Dirk

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One thought on “Daily Dwarf’s Top 5 Issues of White Dwarf”

  1. For me, choosing a top 5 is somewhat problematic, but here goes.

    WD38 was a corker, with the ludicrously detailed cover by Nick Bibby. This got my parents really worried that I was getting involved in human sacrifice and black magic. I kid ye not. The Two cover articles, ‘Monsters Have Feelings Too’ and the ‘Khazad Dum’ scenario for AD&D were brilliant.

    WD35 with the Necromancer character class was great, but the Green Horizon scenario for Traveller was what did it for me, and I spent a weekend converting it to the Laserburn sci fi skirmish system, then another weekend recreating the maps at 15mm to the metre with paint and graphic pens on chipboard, which I then nearly killed myself carrying to the after school gaming club on the Monday night. Some lessons are learned the hard way.

    WD52,53,54 and 55 (sorry – I did try to keep it to 5). These were great because they had the solo ‘choose your path’ type adventure ‘The Castle Of Lost Souls’ – I wonder how many like me, showing no remorse, chose to torture the teddy bear to get those valuable tears? MUWHAHAHHAA! WD 53 was a stunner as it contained the Warhammer Fantasy Battle take on Minas Tirith which to a wargamer like me, was nectar from the gods. The ‘Name Of The Game’ article in WD52 meant that a lot of friends who were interested in what I was doing at lunchtimes and evenings, borrowed it, leaving it tattered and torn in short order.

    So there you have my choices. I have so many others which deserve mention, but that just shows the quality of the magazine in the Golden Age.

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