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INTRO: This is an unusual GROGPOD as it was recorded live at GROGMEET 18. Ian Cooper talks about HeroQuest and there’s a chance for you to win a copy of the game thanks to our friends at

Show us your favourite handout, character sheet, floor plan, prop, mini or any other physical item you’ve produced for your gaming before the end of Feb to be in with a chance of winning.

INTERVIEW: Ian Cooper talks about his formative years in gaming, oral story telling, Greg Stafford, HeroQuest and his Coming Storm campaign.

GAMESMASTER’S SCREEN: Blythy joins me in the Room of Role-Playing Rambling to talk about generic systems. Want to know more about Judge Dredd in the world of GUMSHOE? Then check out Steve Ray’s play reports.

OUTRO:  Patreon thanks, the latest news about the GROGZINE and the plans for the next episode.

5 thoughts on “Episode 26 – HeroQuest RPG (with Ian Cooper) from GROGMEET 18

  1. Great stuff – I was interested in Gumshoe Judge Dredd but the website doesnt seem to have any contact details. Does anyone know how to contact the author?

    1. Dirk says:

      Hi Nick – if you send me an email – I’ll forward it to Steve. Dirk.

  2. Stephen Richards says:

    Love the podcast. Will you be looking at any of the Powered by the apocalypse games in the future?

    1. Dirk says:

      I’d love to give Dungeon World a try. I enjoy listening to the Gauntlet podcast exploring the system, so I think we will look at it in the future.

  3. Stephen Richards says:

    I enjoy Dungeon world a lot. The class warfare supplement is worth checking out too, it allows for a ridiculous number of possible classes.

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