Episode 27 (Part One) Robin of Sherwood (with Graham Staplehurst)

Robin of Sherwood (with Graham Staplehurst)

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INTRO: In this episode we are continuing our exploration of the context of gaming in the eighties, by looking at one of the TV series that influenced how we played.

POTTED HISTORY: This is a quick summary of how the programme came to be made and a bit of background about Richard Carpenter. If you’d like to know more, I recommend the wonderful, comprehensive books by Andrew Orton 

OPEN BOX: Graham Staplehurst talks about his writing in fanzines, for MERP and his role in bringing Robin of Sherwood to life in RPGs. He mentions Other Minds magazine and the audio dramas available from Spiteful Puppet.

GROGGLEBOX: A new feature. Blythy and Ed join Dirk to do a commentary on The Seven Poor Knights from Acre episode.

OUTRO: A quick update on our latest projects. Also a shout out for The Lost Art of Ray Willner: The Adventures of Robin Hood.

Author: Dirk

Host of The GROGNARD RPG Files podcast. Talking bobbins about Runequest, Traveller, Call of Cthulhu, T&T, AD&D and others from back in the day and today.

8 thoughts on “Episode 27 (Part One) Robin of Sherwood (with Graham Staplehurst)”

  1. Hi Dirk. Great episode as usual. I was never an avid watcher of Robin of Sherwood but you have inspired me to check it out again. Please tell me you have Hawk The Slayer lined up for a future Grogglebox slot?

  2. Hi Dirk. Have recently discovered the podcast via a recommendation in a T&T group I follow on Facebook and have been working through the back episodes. I knew Graham through fanzines back in the day – I was one of the editors of Q&Q and subscribed to Graham’s zines, so it was great to hear his voice again! I’m off to check out the Patreon now!

    1. Not sure why that’s got me as anonymous! It’s Neil Hopkins here, otherwise known as @thermalsatsuma on Twittter.

  3. As huge fan of RoS this episode is especially heartwarming, great interview with Graham Staplehurst and Grogglebox section was fantastic. Blythy was right in that the criticisms and arguments about each episode were not because it was rubbish but because it was loved. Top show chaps!

  4. Oh, how excellent! I’d been enjoying your MERP posts and kept thinking “Oh you must speak to Graham S.” He’s one of the best. I assembled the team for those gamebooks and was in line to write #3 but Puffin stopped after his and Paul’s – shame!

  5. Great stuff. I very much enjoyed this episode, as indeed I enjoy all of them. I’ve finally reviewed the podcast and ordered up a 2nd hand copy of the Robin of Sherwood campaign on the strength of it!

  6. Yet another really entertaining interview from an old friend, bringing back memories of those bygone days. I can contribute one extra morsel of information: the reason the Robin of Sherwood gamebook system was so complex. The master plan was that after Marc had delivered his all-conquering third entry in the series, we would unveil the Robin of Sherwood RPG. So the gamebook rules were designed from the start to morph into an actual set of rolegame rules. Although that never happened, I think many people would regard Graham’s Robin Hood as a superior replacement, given that Puffin would never have tolerated the level of detail he brought to that supplement.
    I was also amused by Dungroggin. It’s something we used to talk about, back in those days: organising a gamer’s retirement home. At the time it seemed like half-joking, but now I’m increasingly thinking it’s a savvy idea. No use for me, given that I’m in the wrong country, but worth a thought all the same!

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