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Popular demand has insisted that we look at MERP from Iron Crown (1984). In this first part we come to terms with Tolkien and our relationship to Middle Earth.

Thanks to Liz Danforth, Daily Dwarf , Graham Kinniburgh, and Steve Ray for their help in putting this Episode together.

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5 thoughts on “Episode 36 (Part 1) Middle Earth Role-Playing (MERP) (with Liz Danforth)

  1. Kevin Thorpe says:

    Ah the path much travelled… Tolkien. I remember taking the train to Nottingham to pick up the Games Workshop boxed MERP after my beloved Hobby Horse closed

  2. RogerBW says:

    Rolemaster was my system of choice for several years. It was first published as a series of individual supplements that you could use to make parts of your D&D game more colourful and detailed, which seems to match your suggestions.

  3. Dave says:

    I wonder how many other MERP players tiptoed around the books, in fear that the fantasy police would kick down their door mid game, biscuit still in hand? Or did the majority of people plunder Middle Earth with gay abandonment, pocketing Gollum’s ring before Bilbo even had a chance to open the Goblin Gate supplement?

  4. Ad Astra says:

    You need a editor. I listened to hear a review of ICE version of LotR to decide if I wanted to pick up the supplements. Unfortunately I had to wade an hour of trivial banter more tedious than anything Tolkien ever commited to paper before getting to anything remotely resembling one.

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