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GROGMEET 18 is confirmed for 10th November 9.00am – 6.00pm at Mad Lab and Fan Boy Three in city centre Manchester (followed by drinks)

GROGMEET 18 – 9th – 11th November – Manchester SOLD OUT!

Games sign up – Available 25th October.

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Friday 9th November 1pm – 5pm

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“Oi! Did you spill my grog?” fights are breaking out across four locations in the city, will you ever get chance to complete your important mission when there’s a chair breaking over your head?

Four GMs, Four Old School systems and Twenty brawlers come together to slug it out as a warm up to GROGMEET 18.

Crews are invited to join The Crimson Blade Mercenary Company, The Cobras Street Gang, Grand Duke Reinoldus’ Guard and The Silent Sun Tribe to seek out the city’s secret catacombs, but first you’ll need to deal with the drunken, disillusioned, angry, zealous, befuddled city dwellers and fellow gang members before you can start the hunt.

This event is hosted by the Old Scouse Role-Player himself and will use a variety of Old School Revival or Vintage systems (such as The Fantasy Trip)

If you are intending to be in Manchester on Friday afternoon ready for the GROGMEET weekend, then this fringe event should not be missed!

Sunday, 11.30am 11th Nov. Ian Cooper, HeroQuest Line Editor for Chaosium, will be speaking live for a Q&A about his formative years in RPGs and his work on HeroQuest. The interview will be recorded for a GROGPOD to be released in Jan. ’19. You don’t need a ticket for this event, if you are around, pop in!

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Check out the full report from the event.



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