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The next Virtual GROGMEET is 12th/ 13th April. It’s an online festival of games open to Patreons of the GROGNARD files. Booking will take place in mid February via WarHorn.

GMGMs are submitting their games, follow this page, I’ll upload them as they commit:

FRIDAY (20:30 – 00:00)

Lights Out

System: Call of Cthulhu
Players: 6
GM: Matt Wrycraft
In modern day London, a teenager has gone missing has gone missing.  What does this have to do with the fire at a local church and an ancient French tome…?”
Light’s Out is a modern day investigation for Call of Cthulhu.

The Jewish Gene

System: King Arthur Pendragon (Homebrewed)

Players: 4

GM: Sam Vail

London, Whitehall, 1963.

Commander Geoffrey Saunders, DFC and bar, codename Pendragon, addresses the assembled agents.

“Welcome to Excalibur, this is a brand new agency, developed in conjunction with a special initiative from MI5. The remit of Excalibur is the defence of Britain from hostile forces specifically linked to religious, magical or occult agencies. We have substantial funds re-allocated from the Polaris missile budget which as you know is a complete non-starter.

We are also fortunate to have acquired the services of a special individual who we are calling a fairy, although he prefers to be known as a Boggit. You will call him Merlin. He is the foremost mind on the World Unseen, the Seelie Court and the UnSeelie Court.

As experienced agents of MI5, you will mostly take this in your stride, but for some of you, the knowledge that other realms exist may be too much for you and you may need to talk to a ‘trick cyclist’. You may also need the assistance of a doctor. Mrs Evadne Trollop, codename Guinevere, will meet all of your health and wellbeing needs as she is skilled in psychiatry and trauma surgery.”

Good luck, Agents …

The Grand Marksmenship Tourney / Scavenger Hunt

System: Flashing Blades
Players : 4
GM: Keehar
In the midst of great celebrations following French victories in the Wars their is to be a Great Marksmenship tourney. The player characters are either all musketeers or cardinals guards (or agents of M’Lady) participating in the tourney and the intrigues around it. If there is time after I may roll on into the more light hearted mini-scenario scavenger hunt where a parry of (male) PCs help a put upon suitor get the ideal gifts for his paramours birthday despite all odds.

Operation: Scaramanga

System: Night’s Black Agents

Players: 5

GM: Dirk

1992, the President of The Board of Trade, nick-named ‘Tarzan’, has announced that 31 of 50 pits still open in the UK are to close.

Deep, Edom operatives within the British state are seeking to control telluric currents again to help their cause in the Gulf states.

Harry Reeves, emotionally and physically scarred from the events eight years ago, brings his crew back together.

With Orlaac destroyed, Harry has been hunting the prime asset and has located the creature that some MI6 operatives have referred to as Dracula on a remote, private island off the south-east coast of China.

Harry has given it the name Scaramanga and he’s going to take it down.

SATURDAY (10.00 – 13.30)

A Heart for Madness

System: Barbarians of Lemuria
Players: 5
GM: Neil Benson (Old Scouser Roleplaying)
The Second Age of Man is a savage time of sorcery and bloodshed, where strong men and beautiful women battle with warlords, priests, magicians and gladiators to carve a bloody path to the Throne of Lemuria. It is an age of heroic legends and valiant sagas too. And this is one of them…
A quiet night in the great trading city of Oomis. After assassins strike at the darkest hour leaving a son dead and a daughter kidnapped, a band of adventurers are charged with bringing the killer to justice and returning the daughter to safety. Had the heroes known that following the trail would lead them through the darkest streets of Oomis and to a much greater darkness beyond, they may have reconsidered.

Transition 1985

System: PSI World (FGU)

Players: 4

GM: Dirk

“Feel persecuted just because you’re better than everyone else? This is the game for you.” – Lawrence Schick

Choose your side. On the streets of America in 1985, there’s a sociological and genetic clash of power with advanced technology. Psionic powers have begun to breed true in certain special individuals.

As a result, society has become fragmented: the Norms (normals) view Psis (Psionics) with fear and loathing. Psis are segregated and ostracised. They react by binding together for safety and to develop political power. The PSI Police regulate and control the criminal use of psionic powers.

In Hiddenwood, High School students are exhibiting signs of transition and they are developing their powers, but they are not fully aware of all that this portends.

They’re being sought by both the Psis and the PSI Police: who will get to them first?

A vintage RPG that’s been levelled up with a Scott Pilgrim vibe.

SATURDAY (14.00 – 17.30)

Moot at the End of The World

System: Magic World (Ashes of Blade & Bone)

Players: 5

GM: Sean Hillman

The Fire Giants hold their most sacred moot every 103 years to appease the “The Last Machine” and as part of the renewal of the fire wyrms. In the myths of the fire giant folk, this prevents the world from ending in one last upheaval of primal forces. Outsiders, who are normally forbidden from fire giant moots, are invited to participate if they dare.

For three days the giants drink, eat, and revel in all manner of mortal pleasures before the “sick” fire wyrms are released into the wild. Anyone who brings back a wyrm’s heart as a trophy will be rewarded greatly. But the wyrms are not the only dangers in the Mootlands. Renegade fire giants, large fang beetles, other hunters, and perhaps the restless dead wander these sun blasted lands.

Do you have the grit to test your metal in a great hunt that might just prevent the end of the world?

The Strigoi Taint

System: Savage Worlds
Players: up to 5
GM: @dailydwarf
The eternal war between the Southers and the Norts has now reached the quiet, backwater planet of Mecron II, with a Souther invasion force closing in on an underground Nort scientific research base. How they found out about the base is unknown, but the research chief, Doktor Victor Raskolnikov, is highly-valued by Nordland command, and must be rescued at all costs.
You are an elite team of Nort commandos, charged with rescuing Doktor Raskolnikov from the base before the planet is abandoned to the Souther forces. He cannot fall into enemy hands. But hurry comrades; the clock is ticking, and rumour has it the Southers are led by a blue-skinned demon…
Onward, comrades! For the glory of Nordland!
A Savage Worlds adventure inspired by the 2000AD story Jaegir.

Message from St Michel

System: FATE core/ Achtung! Cthulhu

Players: 4

GM: Blythy

France, 1940. A desperate radio message is received from a British agent in the small town of St Michel. The agent requests the urgent assistance of Section M, reporting unnatural goings on. No further messages have been received. As section M agents you are to be dropped into the heart of occupied France. Find the missing agent and find out what’s happening….

System: The Cthulhu Hack 
Players: 3-6
GM: Sean Smith

The investigators hear from a friend from school who’s putting on a fringe theatre production of The King in Yellow and she’s got comp tickets for you all. Rules light horror investigation with an old school feel.  No experience of Lovecraftian horror or this system is necessary — I don’t run games where system mastery is needed.

SATURDAY (20:30 – 00:00)

Something From Down There

System: Pulp Cthulhu
GM: Griff ‘Doc RPG’
Join the rescue of missing miners whose digging stirred things best left forgotten. This is an introductory scenario from the magnificent Old West supplement Down Darker Trails for 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu. Played in Pulp Cthulhu Mode (with Weird Science and Psychic Powers) this is a great introduction to the new setting and rules. May contain shoggoths.

The City of Cataclysm

System: King of Dungeons
Players: 5

GM: Baz from The Smart Party podcast

“The city of Cataclysm has more than its fair share of Guild rivalries already. The authorities have managed to keep the squabbling to words and cantrips rather than  steel and spell… so far. But tonight the balance might be shifting. The auctioneers at Bailey & Motte are selling an artifact pulled from a previously unknown dungeon by a previously unknown Guild. It’s attracted interest from exotic quarters. Charters have been hastily drawn up. The Guilds all want a piece. Shall we start the bidding?
King of Dungeons is a fast playing fantasy RPG currently in development where you play Guild members scrabbling for lucrative Charters. The dungeons, temples and sewers are your 9-5. But the most dangerous moments come with a smile and a handshake across the pub table. Can you make your name in the treacherous world of professional adventuring?

Darkness and the Dead at the Edge of Town

System: Runequest Glorantha

Players – 4 all pre-gens will be women (because it’s Esrolia)

GM: Andrew Jones @dimbyd

Nochet- the greatest city in all of Glorantha. Nochet with the greatest library, hospital and market in the world. Nochet, so great they named it once. Because once was enough. Ruled by the “Grandmothers”, Nochet is proof of of the wisdom of a matriarchal society.Each year in Darkness season- the Dead walk to the Gate of Life and Death to be fed and to share their wisdom and blessings with their decendents. It is a day of joy and order.

This year however, a riot broke out and its up to you to discover the truth- wherever that takes you.

Dead Gods Sing the Blues

System: OpenQuest (Fantasy Noir Setting)

Players 5

GM: Sean Hillman

A thief has stolen a prized Bluestone Casket from the collector Orun Dormt. This thief promptly disappeared into the ash covered streets of Twylldd Tyne, hoping to lose themselves in the dead city. In a place where hope goes to die, can you retrieve the casket and earn the biggest payday of your life? Or will you become another set of unnamed corpses buried beneath ash and misery?

FRIDAY (20:00 – 00:00) and SATURDAY (20:00 – 00:00)

System: Legend of the Five Rings 5th edition

Players:  up to 5

GM: Asako Soh

I’d like to discuss with players what they would like to play but there are three options in my mind: The Topaz Championship (from the beginner box, pregens, introductory and tutorial adventure); Dark Tides (from the GM screen kit, option to make up own PCs); or my own The Princess and the Wall (adventure I’ve submitted to UK Games Expo – pregens or can make own PCs – please see below)

It is a time of muted celebration for the Crane clan.  The beautiful Doji Meiko is to be wed to Hida Oda, a prominent Crab warrior stationed on the Kaiu wall, defending the Empire from the Shadowlands.  The festivities begin as the tainted minions of Fu Leng watch on….

This is a home-brew adventure for the new edition of Legend of the Five Rings, a fantasy roleplaying game, with some elements of Japanese, Chinese and Korean folklore.  The game will hopefully highlight some of the key elements of L5R, and serve as an introduction to the new rules, but also provide some more familiar elements from traditional fantasy games for new players.  Players will be either samurai of the Crane Clan escorting Doji Meiko or members of the Crab Clan, stationed on the wall, with Hida Oda.

Scrapbook from 2018.


GROGMEET19 has been confirmed for 9th November 2019 at Fan Boy Three in the city centre of Manchester.

A role-playing event featuring the best in RPGs from back in the day and today.

On Friday 8th November, there will be an OSR event from 13:00 – 17:00 and GROGMEET eve 18:00 – 21:30.

On Sunday 9th November, Paul Fricker (co-author of Call of Cthulhu 7th ed) will be interviewed ‘live’ for The GROGNARD Files at Fan Boy 3 at 11.30am – 12.30pm (ish).

Watch this space for details.




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