virtualGROGMEET 2022

Role-playing events featuring the best in RPGs from back in the day and today, organised by Dirk and Blythy from the GROGNARD files. The planning for virtual GROGMEET on 1st-3rd April 2022 is underway. (last updated 11th Feb, 2022)

Online GROGMEET action at virtualGROGMEET on 1st April – 3rd April, 2022.

It’s back for the 6th year, an online version of GROGMEET.

It’s a chance to play some of the games that were played at GROGMEET in Manchester (back in November) or to discover a new games and new players for the first time.

Sign Up to play!

The Warhorn Link for signing up to games will be released on the following days:

GM Sign Ups: 28th Feb (by email)

Patreon Sign Ups: 3rd March 18:00 (Patreon only post)

General Sign Ups: 18th March (look out for it on this page)


The Mitchester Arms has extended its opening hours throughout the weekend, so you can meet up with your fellow gamers when you are not playing.

Thursday 31/3

Dirk the Dice’s House of Games. Sign up for a pub table to play a host of games to test your RPG knowledge and quick thinking. There are some distinctive prizes available for the winners. Get ready to play The Elephant in the Room, Opposites Attract, The Too Complicated Round, Vowel Movement, and the classic Answer Smash. Sound familiar?*

Don’t worry if it doesn’t, it will all be clear on the night.

* Well done if you got that at home. 

Friday 1/4

19:00 – 22:00 – Gaming session (see agenda for details)

Saturday 2/4

10:00 – 13:00, 14:00 – 17:00, 19:30 – 22:30, 23:30 – 03:00 – Gaming sessions (note that some are over a couple of sessions – this is clearly listed on the agenda)

Sunday 3/4

9:30 – 11:00 The Great Library of RPGs Book Club. “Sunday school for geeks,” Paul Fricker. The Book Club meets every first Sunday of the month and is managed through the Book Club app. We create break out rooms (of 4/5 people) before returning together in the main room for 15 minutes at the end. It is very relaxed and you can choose your level of participation. There are rooms for ‘General Chat’ if you have been unable to read the book under discussion.

This time we are reading The Gutter Prayer, the first novel by game designer Garath Ryder-Hanrahan.

11:00 Meet the Author – Live Q&A with Garath Ryder-Hanrahan Join us in the room of role-playing rambling with Garath Ryder-Hanrahan to talk about his latest gaming projects and the Black Iron Legacy. He will also be taking questions from the book club members. Hope you can join us. This will be released as a GROGPOD extra.

14:00 – 17:00 and 19:30 – 22:30 – Gaming sessions

For your diary: GROGMEET 2022 – Manchester 11th – 13th


Dirk and Blythy

Latest update: 28th Feb 2022

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