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The GROGZINE is our annual gift to Patreon supporters.

GROGZINE’19 is being packed ready to post!

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The previous two issues are available to Patreons on PDF as hard copies are extremely limited. The print run will be determined by the number of Patreons at the end of 2018.

This time, we’re looking beyond White Dwarf and taking our inspiration from some of our old school, favourite ‘zines such as the peerless DragonLords.

Russ Nicolson is on board to produce another wonderful cover for issue three and GROGSQUADer Marc Laming will be reimagining Daily Dwarf again.

The content list for the main magazine looks like this so far:

Steel Hearts and Straight Razors – an epic WarHammer Fantasy Role-playing scenario from Rog Coe –

Lempfahle hurled himself into the undergrowth, sprang up the high boundary wall and jumped down the other side, before pelting into the dark city streets.

Minutes later, he paused for breath outside a workshop, despite the interruption he still had a decent haul safe in the bag at his side; he’d lost his tools, but he could buy more. He exhaled with relief, it looked like ‘Three Balls’ had pulled it off again.

It was then he saw the blue glow from the corner behind him and the skittering of barbed feet as a vision of chaotic horror raced shrieking toward him….

Author Niall Hunt goes in search of his past and the Midlands Role-Playing Club

There’s no school like the Old SchoolThe Old Scouse Role-Player, Neil Benson, provides an introduction to the OSR

Ramshackle – Nick Edwards looks back at the appeal of the Judges Guild

FRP Family Tree – FRP writer Sean Hillman looks at the different directions that d100 games have grown towards. Also, Newt Newport, introduces D101 and the philosophy of his publishing company.

Still Golden? – Jerry Nuckolls found Golden Heroes 1st edition after hunting for it for thirty odd years, what did it reveal?

GM Immortality – Cris Watkins of Bonhomie Games reflects on how to achieve god-like status as a Games Master.

More content is promised from great the great GROGSQUAD talent pool: watch this space for more.

This year, depending on your pledge level, you’ll get a bundle which will include The Collected Daily Dwarf Volume 3, with essays on the Golden Age of White Dwarf about Judge Dredd, Paranoia, Golden Heroes and more.

For the first time, you can ‘own’ the dubious wisdom of Judge Blythy in his ‘Book of Judgment‘ where he hand-picks and analyses 8 of his favourite mechanics.

Not sure what you’ve missed in previous years? Thankfully, Pookie has provided his usual forensic analysis on his long-running, always interesting, Reviews from R’Lyeh.

All this is due to be released in May 2019. Keep watching for updates.


Now available on PDF for Patreons, featuring:

  • Monsters! Monsters! A reflection, by Ken St Andre and new art, especially created for the ‘zine, from Liz Danforth
  • The Great Pendragon Campaign in Chester by Keehar
  • Diversion – a Call of Cthulhu scenario that will fit in any campaign, from Roger Coe
  • Better Living Through Chemistry – a belt-poppin’ Judge Dredd scenario, from Alan Gairey (@dailydwarf) and great artwork by Roger Coe
  • A gate warping Call of Cthulhu scenario from Roger Coe
  • “Whatever happened to …” Paul Cockburn and Wayne Peters
  • The GROGNARD character class – from Phil The Dice Mechanic
  • A new short story from Sunday Times ‘Best Books’ author Justin Hill
  • Open Box Reviews: Man, Myth and Magic, Paranoia, World of Darkness and Sky Realms of Jorune

To get a PDF, you’ll need to be An Honorary Member of The Armchair Adventurers (the GROGSQUAD)


The GROGZINE Annual 2017 is available on drivethrurpg along with The Collected Daily Dwarf Vol. 1. It’s ‘pay what you want’ but all proceeds collected will go towards YSDC and the great work they do.


If you join the patreon campaign you’ll also get links to both volumes of The Collected Daily Dwarf, that brings together the articles about White Dwarf that feature in the podcast.

The podcast will always be free, but the generous tips from Patreon supporters, cover the overheads, help us seek out new material and allow us to develop other related projects.


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  1. Kevin Mantle says:

    I has been many years since the welcome thud of an A4 fanzine has landed on my door mat, so thank you! Speaking of which are there any printed UK fanzines still in existence?

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