Table-top RPGs from back in the day and today.

The GROGNARD files Merchandise

Russ Nicolson at the Fighting Fantasy Festival in 2019

The GROGNARD files merchandise is available from the RedBubble Store.

There’s the GROGNARD files logo, the ridiculous home made shrine, there’s GROGMEET tees, stickers, stationery and much more.

Including excellent designs from Russ Nicolson that he designed for the GROGZINE.

D101 Games

D101 Games is a micro-press role-playing games company, working out of Manchester in the UK.

We are a ‘Trindie’ games publisher, which means our games draw from both the Traditional and Indie pools for inspiration. Take OpenQuest for example. It is a love letter to old school D100 games, but its streamlined with ideas from the modern storytelling games movement. Monkey which fits the mould of a modern day Indie storytelling game is structured in a way that people coming from older games will find comfortable.   This isn’t vacuous marketing speak but borne out of hard experience. D101 grew out of fan publishing for Glorantha, with which I made the transition from the very traditional RuneQuest to the very Indie HeroQuest.


All Rolled Up – Must-have hand-crafted accessories for all your favourite games – from dice bags and folding dice trays, to dice, wipe cards, messenger bags and more.


Hi, I’m Jo Watkins and this is  Bonhomie Games. We stock a delightful al la carte gaming menu of classic games such as Dungeons and Dragons, alongside new and innovative independent tabletop games (especially those designed by women), often funded via crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter. 
We’ll bring you family games, card games, co-operative and treacherous games, games for women and by women – providing some unique games insight along the way from a wife, mum and gamer girl (and her trusty sidekick Cris). 


We are a small indie RPG retailer, and we specialize in RPGs that aren’t published by Wizards of the Coast. You will find 5th Edition adventures and add-ons here, but they are from indie publishers. 

Our fantasy range includes: Castles and Crusades, Dungeon Crawl Classics, Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Old School Essentials, RuneQuest, and more. 

Beyond the realms of fantasy we have the latest version of the venerable SFRPG Traveller, Paranoia, Call of Cthulhu – in fact there’s a whole range of Cthulhu-based games. We have been known to pick up all sorts of games from Kickstarters we have backed over the years. 

We also stock a range of Mantic products, as well as some wargames and boardgames that have caught my eye. 


Fenris Games

You can get a Lee Williams designed “Stick a Shoggoth in it” too.

Why not check out our friends at RPG Kitchen and their project to feed the world through role-playing. They have some great Tee designs too.

Dirk the Dice

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