GROGMEET Update, October

GrogMeet 2016 (corrected)

If you are signed up for GROGMEET and are not a Patreon*, you’ll be able to sign up to the available RPG sessions, next Monday 10/10 at 21:30. You’ll be sent an email with the links embedded.

Doors open at 10.15 for board games hosted by our friends at

RPG sessions are running from 12.00 – 4.30 and you can pick one from the final list below:


Operation Twitcher: 1938, American Explorer Richard Byrd is quizzed by the Nazis about the South Pole, he informs the British and American governments of the Nazis interest but no action is taken at this time.

1942, reports are received of strange phenomena in the far South Atlantic. Richard Byrd now an Admiral in the US Navy is called in by the admiralty to brief a select team of marines and scientists on dealing with with the Antarctic conditions.

GM: Katherine Simmons-Smith

BOOT HILL 3rd edition 

Matthew 12:43: Wild West Role-Playing Game, one of TSR Inc’s forgotten gems. Boot Hill is a game of grand adventure in the American Frontier; a world of cowpokes, gamblers, sheriffs and gunslingers. I’m going to run an original adventure based in the official setting Promise City.Matthew 12:43

GM: Ian ‘Doc’ Griffith


Assault on Lunar Outpost XIII: A team of Humakti Ducks have formed a death squad to claim a strategic stockade in the hills of Dragon Pass. With Orlanthi companions, they seek to negotiate the eviction of the current denizens, a band of trolls lead by the feared Uzko, Ugrham who has been raiding tribes in the region. Force maybe necessary.

Can the outpost be secured before the Lunar army returns to reclaim it as its own?

Using the ‘classic’ RuneQuest second edition rules.

GM: Chris ‘Dirk the Dice’ Hart

D&D 5e

Trouble Shooters: Rumour has turned to action in the city streets now, as your guild finds itself under attack. There can only be one Thieves Guild in the city, so the time has come to put an end to this insult. As the Grandmasters ‘troubleshooters’ you have been tasked by him personally, with finding these upstarts and putting them down, permenantly. Lets hope your combined talents are up to it.

GM: Tim Brittain


The Lexington Hotel: 1933 G-Men celebrate the nabbing of notorious Public Enemy Number One  Al Capone for tax evasion. Meanwhile in Lakefront City frustrated Federal Agents strike upon using cons to rob Al Tolino’s crooked books from under the City Kingpin’s nose while he hosts his daughters wedding at the swanky mob-owned Lexington Hotel.

GM: Kehaar of @dissectingwrlds


‘So you want to join the Alliance eh? A Rebel’s life is not an easy one.  Ill-equipped, outnumbered, hunted, and with no refuge.  Rebels must constantly battle the forces of the Empire.  But the Rebels hold little chance for victory.  The Empire’s reach is nearly boundless, its power overwhelming.

Even so, all across the galaxy, courageous people like you enlist in the Rebellion, determined to halt the spread of Imperial tyranny.  You must join the Rebel Alliance.  But how?  Where?  When?”

This is a modified version of the ‘Rebel Breakout’ adventure from the 1987 edition of the Star Wars RPG core rulebook, but using the 1996 ‘revised and expanded’ 2nd edition rules .  The adventure is designed for 4-6 players and I’ll provide PC templates to get us quickly into the action.  So draw your blaster, ignite your lightsaber, and jump into the cockpit of your battered X-Wing.  There’s Imps to be battled.

GM: @Asako_Soh


Stolen Moments: Duke Avan Astran of Old Hrolmar needs adventurers to help him uncover an ancient Melnibonian tomb. An adventure set in Vilmir with a noble man whose obsessive interest in the Bright Empire may get him more than he bargained for? Your chance to adventure in Michael Moorcock’s young kingdoms. Be a nomad from the weeping wastes, an agent of chaos and invoke Arioch himself to intervene in your adventure, or even a crippled begged from Nadsokor. Demons, mad sorcerers and even madder gods await you.

GM: Judge Blythy


* Patreons have the chance to sign up a week earlier, as their support has helped to cover the costs of the event and the production of the ‘zine that every attendee will get to take away.

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