GROGMEET 2017 ScrapBook

In April last year, I sent out a speculative tweet, asking if anyone would be interested in meeting up in Manchester to play a game. Last time I did an advert like that, only Eddy and his mates turned up, this time it created GROGMEET.

Last year there were 8 games available, this time there was the opportunity to play 19 games over two days.

Thank you to everyone who attended, especially the Games Masters, without whom it wouldn’t be possible.

We also had a fundraising event to support the 24 Hour Game of RuneQuest that I’m running next week for Alder Hey children’s hospital. There were some very generous prizes provided by people attending and we raised £283.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Until next year …

Adios amigos!

(Check #GROGMEET  #GROGMEET17 #GROGMEET2017 for more great pics)


The new Fan Boy Three is very well lit for a World of Darkness (Jon Dawson, story-telling)



Andrew Cowie was the DM for D&D 5e (if you can’t spot him, he’s the one standing up)
Blythy chasing the players around the 9th World with a Meat-packer monster.
GROGMEETers sinking their teeth into Nights Black Agents, uncovering a sinister conspiracy to control telluric current in the UK (circa 1984)
Counter subversion agent in deep cover within the mining community in Leeds (1984) – The handouts made by the players (@xNearDark)! The game featured a high-speed chase in a British Telecom yellow-van.
IMG_3664 2.jpg
GROGMEET grog. Expensive grog.
RuneQuest Classic – apparently, no left legs were harmed in this adventure – with Kat Simmons-Smith
Neil Benson was sending his players around the bend.


That’s right – down the plughole with vertical minis and a piece of string …
@Asako_Soh provided a wholesome game of WarHammer Fantasy Role-Playing, concluding with someone getting a dagger through the eye
Blakes 7 Traveller settles down once the thorny issue of “who’s playing Avon?” is resolved
Richard August said that ‘There will be blood …” in his Cthulhu Hack adventure … by all accounts, he delivered.
Andrew Jones’ RuneQuest: Role Playing in Glorantha game: Let the Ducks see the Hob Nobs!
@dailydwarf delivers Better Living Through Chemistry in Mega City One
How many fatties can you get on a floor plan?
The scenario developed a Prog on the wall
Cris Watkins from provided atmosphere, sound FX and lots, and lots of D6s in ShadowRun
Mike Mason appeared to bring added insanity!
IMG_3729 2.jpg
Andy Hemming’s spectacular models provided the backdrop for the Idiot God’s Festival
DragonQuest with Paul Baldowski – dice and oven timers!
Dr RPG (Ian Griffiths) is your friend … Paranoia, everyone is out to get you.
George Formby was being rescued in Kehaar’s very British Civil War using Mercenaries, Spies and Private Eyes.
Chaosium’s Ian Cooper put players on the JonsTown watch in HeroQuest


Quick, shut the door!


The Boys with a D4 in their sides … Dirk the Dice, @dailydwarf and Blythy


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7 thoughts on “GROGMEET 2017 ScrapBook”

  1. Even better than Grogmeet 2016! Met some lovely grogs, played some great games and drank too much of the ‘other’ grog (it was a rather more ‘subdued’ journey back to Scotland than it had been on the way down!).

    Great new ‘zine too! Thanks for organizing, Chris, and thanks to the DMs too who did a sterling job. Already looking forward to next year! Cheers!

    On another wee note, loads of folk I spoke to were wondering if there were some way we could incorporate a sign-up for Patreons to organize online games between ourselves. Is that something that might be a possibilbity (or is that too much to build-in to the website at the moment?)



  2. Ah, that takes me back, especially that fancy beer…
    Thanks to all the awesome GMs and players.
    Thanks to you for organizing it, and everything else. Except that dopey picture of me in the bar towards the end :- )

  3. I really liked the “dopey” picture of Dr Cowie. It is how I picture the old Gloranthan Trading Association member in my mind.

    I had a great time. Funny how somethings grow. Last year Mathew Broome volunteered me to run a game for Grogmeet eve, this year there was 4 games being run on Friday night. Growth done right.

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