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At the end of February we closed our HeroQuest competition. We asked the GROGSQUAD to “show off your stuff ” the home-made enhancements that made you proud.

Our friends at have been reviewing the submissions and you can see the runners up and their work below. Scroll to the bottom to see the winner.

Jo: “Thank you to The Grognard Files for allowing us to sponsor your HeroQuest RPG competition, and thank you to all the entrants for your many and various ingenious table top inventions. Yes, even the cocktail umbrellas.”

“@Roll_a_one – for the most edible looking table top creation”
Andrew Cousins – “for the gaming-and-beer shed that I would most likely lose Cris in for a week”
Dimble Nackle the Gnome’s character portrait: “@oilpainting71 – whose funky Bowie Gnome created a literal squeal of delight and laugh-out-loud that I had to explain to my poor confused children when I first saw it.”
@Andy Hemming – turning the cover of a D&D book into a game setting
But – the winner is – (drum roll please) @wayne_peters – for the steampunk airship.  As well as being an engineering marvel, this one really spoke to my own love of things steampunk, and is clearly the tabletop setting most like to have both the players AND the characters enjoying tea and digestives at the table and in the story.  And yes, I’d even allow for an in-game Hob Nob or two.

Author: Dirk

Host of The GROGNARD RPG Files podcast. Talking bobbins about Runequest, Traveller, Call of Cthulhu, T&T, AD&D and others from back in the day and today.

3 thoughts on “Show your stuff – Scrapbook”

  1. As I said, on Twitter, this was a lovely surprise. And I mean surprise. I didn’t realise that Andy’s nomination counted as an entry so I was really quite taken aback when Dirk told me that I’d won. It’s deeply flattering and I am very grateful to the judges and, of course, Andy.

    The ship itself is an Aphid class gunship from Space 1889, designed and illustrated in the original rule book by Dave Deitrick who, helpfully supplied a plan and elevation.

    I originally made it for download when Red Sands was released for Savage Worlds some ten years ago (along with a load of paper minis that you can nab here:

    Unfortunately, like most of my many many projects, I got about 80% of the way through it and then got distracted by another shiny thing. The prototype and half finished model sat on top of my book shelf gathering a thick layer of dust until a fit of madness prompted me to offer to run Savage 1889 at the first Owlbear and Wizard Staff con last year. I pulled the files up and hurriedly completed the model. I had to re-print the existing parts and start the model from scratch as the years had taken their toll on the original which went in the recycling.

    It was modelled in 3D in Maya, unfolded into it’s constituent parts in Pepakura and finally textured (coloured in) in Photoshop before being cut out and stuck together. The main deck is foam board. The rest is card.

    She’s named ‘Lively’ after the L Class destroyer that my Grandfather served on in World War 2.

    I will make it available as a download at some point but that requires writing instructions and, ooh look! a shiny thing…

    Folks signing up for my D&D game at OB&WS this year might be a tad disappointed as it will be pretty much theatre of the mind. I decided that whilst gimmicks are fun, the game is more important. Also I’m skint and so can’t afford to make shiny props this year 😀

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