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The 7th August is our 4th Anniversary.

The Podcast is entering the 5th year of production. There’s been 51 podcasts, over 50 blog posts, 3 GROGZINEs, 3 Volumes of The Collected Daily Dwarf, 3 GROGMEETs, 2 virtual GROGMEET, and over 500 hours of online play with Patreons supporters.

We do this for fun and we’ll keep doing it while it stays fun.

The GROGSQUAD patreon campaign

We have a Patreon campaign to support the different projects and incentivise us to get better at what we do.

Thank you to all the people who have come and gone and, especially, those who have stuck around over the years. In the current uncertain climate and with the ever-mounting portfolio of micro-subscriptions nibbling away at your income, it’s very much appreciated that you give us a tip every month.

Over the coming months we have more podcast content planned, including interviews, GROGGLEBOX, actual play samples, as well as the usual bobbins from Blythy and Daily Dwarf.

I’m sending out the final batch of GROGZINE19 to people who have joined us since March, so look out for them arriving soon. For GROGZINE20, I have a new idea, which I will share with you soon.


GROGSQUAD locker: A private space for fanzine PDFs and other shared resources. 
Monthly One-shots: Every month a 2 hour one-shot held on a Sunday evening between  21:00 – 23:00 online will be hosted by Dirk and Blythy on alternate months. 
Happy AP: Record and release raw recordings of the Monthly One-shots on a separate channel to the GROGPOD.
‘Zine Book Club: A monthly discussion about a zine from back in the day loaded into the GROGSQUAD locker. 

Thanks for your support.

Dirk and Blythy.

Author: Dirk

Host of The GROGNARD RPG Files podcast. Talking bobbins about Runequest, Traveller, Call of Cthulhu, T&T, AD&D and others from back in the day and today.

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