SwordBearer RPG Ep.56

This is the GROGPOD naked. There’s no interviews or GROGSQUAD sections, it is just Dirk and Blythy talking bobbins. Swordbearer was a game that we played a lot for a brief period. We liked it, but for some reason it didn’t connect and become a game that did not stick in our repertoire. Why not?

Intro: This is The GROGNARD files and we are talking SwordBearer

Speed-Dating: Open Box, Judge Blythy Rules! Monster off! we explore the SwordBearer game and its amazing innovations.

Advert: Third Floor Wars – great interviews with game designers

GamesMaster’s Screen: We look at some of the games that are on our shelf that we have not yet played. Should we Play, Stay, or give away:

Würm – the prehistoric tribal RPG

Icons – the Super Hero Game

Apocalypse World – the ground-breaking RPG about post catastrophe role-playing

Warrior, Rogue, Mage – an OSR game with neat ideas


Band of Blades

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Author: Dirk

Host of The GROGNARD RPG Files podcast. Talking bobbins about Runequest, Traveller, Call of Cthulhu, T&T, AD&D and others from back in the day and today.

3 thoughts on “SwordBearer RPG Ep.56”

  1. Hullo! I’ve been lurking here listening to the grogpod for ages without saying a word! Meant to say something once I’d listened to all the eps to date, but that was ages ago. Anyway, aye another great episode – just the pair of youz chewing the rpg fat is plenty compelling to me 🙂

    It was your Ironsworn take that prompted me to write; I’m of similar age to youz, and only came out of my quarter century (argh!!) deep freeze last year. In the year prior to that, the deep covid time, is when I started picking up rpg books again and reading systems. I didn’t really feel confident enough to dive into the virtual thing but got sucked into journaling games. I really liked Ironsworn, it feels more game like than many of the others I’ve played, it’s systems and tables almost tell a story by themselves. I have to confess I didn’t actually complete my playthrough, but I think that’s more because the thaw finally set in rather than because I got bored…
    Keep up the great work guys, I’m always looking forwards to the next esoterically numbered ep, regardless of how many long running podcasts I end up following. All the best!

  2. Interesting format and I enjoyed the episode even if I ended up completely disagreeing with your choices.

    Solo roleplaying is different from group roleplaying, sure enough, but I wouldn’t discard it so Blythely. To each their own, obviously.

    Of the six games, only Warrior, Rogue, Wizard strikes me as too bland to stand out and be worth playing.

  3. It was fun listening to this one. A friend of mine still has a copy of this game. We played it briefly back in the early 90s. I always remember the curious magic system and the use of nodes. As a runequest player myself, sword bearer did have a certain appeal. I wanted to play more of it. Yet we just never seemed to get round to it.

    i have to admit, I am not a huge fan of the BiTD series. Like Stonetop, it relies heavly on improv and like you Dirk, I want some structure to my games. Its also a game that needs all its players to be involved. This is one of those games that can sink faster than the Titanic with players who don’t like or feel comfortable with Narrative heavy games.

    I have looked at my own collection, and find that there are games I would love to take out for another spin. Even if it is the case (As Blythy put) you struggle to figure out how your younger self was ever able to run it.

    This episode was another one for the vaults. I do like these deep dives into older games. Look forward to seeing more.

    May those fickle math rocks of fate always smile on you and your stamina never fail!

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