GROGMEET 2023 Scrapbook

10th-12th November 23 was GROGMEET. This year we took over the city. The games and socialising was spread across multiple locations, so it could be bigger but stay small. Thanks to FanBoy Three, Northern Monk, Whitworth Locke and The Lass O’Gowrie for being perfect hosts. This event would not be possible without the GMs bringing excellent games that seem to improve year on year. Thank you to you all.

If you would like to hear other experiences of the event, listen to Mason and Fricker’s Eldritch Stories, to hear Mike Mason (the Guest of Honour) and Paul Fricker talking about the games they played. Neil Benson, the Old Scouse Role-Player, always has an enthusiastic report, this time he suggests that it was the best yet. There’s a wonderfully thoughtful reflection on playing SPI’s DragonQuest by Graham Spearing.

We certainly enjoyed the Manchattan sun ssssshine!

Manchester has transformed since we started in 2016. We want to keep it a small meet-up, while it grows a bit bigger. We used multiple sites across the city.
GROGFRINGE at The Northern Monk – an afternoon of Old School Games playing vintage scenarios from White Dwarf and Imagine (following an introduction from absent friend Dave Paterson)
Raspy Raven’s Jim McCarthy creates Paranoia
A dramatic moment in Chris Sharp’s The Litchway
The annual @DailyDwarf 2000ad spectacular – this year? Fire up your cod-piece it’s Savage Worlds ZOMBO!
So We Go To The Stars … Arjen intends to take them there one way or another …
The Night of the Mabden. A group of saboteurs get ready to set traps and make the next day very difficult for the players who are due to play in a game at GROGMEET.
Doc in full flow for Something Knocking Butty Boy – the Mike Hobbs Memorial Game – Warhammer RPG
Benet is the holder of the Mike Hobbs Memorial Trophy 2023
GROGMEET – Whitworth Locke
Buck Rogers!
Very neat character sheet. A simple, yet effective dice pool game. That lighter was very useful
The Day of The Baaltraig … due to the intervention of the Mabden the night before, the mission went to the wire.
An RPG Group run at Headspace, a mental health outlet in Bolton, received a package from The Mike Hobbs Just Giving Fund.
Enter “The Theatre of THE MIND” with Ian from Fenris
All back to The Lass
A new podcast born every minute. Could this be the Steve and Stef Talk about Stuff show?
No match for The Mitchester Arms
“Who ordered the Mitch-o-gram?
Doctors in the House – Conan? Excalibur? Or Sword and the Sorcerer?
MORPcon Dragonbane with Dragon Girl Debbie. Pink Goblins causing trouble, or are they?
GROGFRINGE Sunday Morning
Mike Mason rolling back the years after tapping the shrine

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