Tale of the Manticore (with Jon Cohen) ep.62

Join Dirk the Dice, climbing to the top of Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh for an episode that we used to label ‘extra’ but who cares if they have an episode number?

Jon Cohen from Tale of the Manticore joins us to share his First, Last and Everything. He mentions Mythic and The Quiet Year in a conversation recorded at this year’s virtual GROGMEET.

Blythy and Dirk are in the Las O Gowrie answering listener questions in a Thunderphase! segement.

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Extra – Thunder Phase! at GROGMEETish2020 (with Paul & Gaz)

GROGMEET2020, the fifth annual meet-up of the GROGSQUAD, had to be held online to avoid pathogens. It didn’t stop us having a fantastic weekend which included a Pub Quiz, a Mausritter Tournament Dungeon, and an eclectic mix of games over four time-slots: seventy sessions in total.

To end the event we recorded this live panel in the Zoom of Role-Playing rambling (with an audience of over 50 people!).

Dirk the Dice is joined by Paul (The Good Friends of Jackson Elias) and Gaz (What Would the Smart Party Do?) to answer a series of medium-fire questions from the thunder pot.

This episode mentions Paul’s Full Fathom Five scenario and The Smart Party’s You Tube Channel and much, much more!