UKGamesExpo18 ScrapBook

A collection of photos featuring my stupid face with people I met at UK Games Expo 2018.

Crack open the Top Deck … Birmingham we’re on our way (slowly)
Dirk in the Land of the Giants. Dimbyd has Pookie on his shoulder – kindly making sure we caught the train back to Birmingham on time
Kat Simmons Smith (@MeerforBeer) was the first GROGSQUADer we met. She was promoting the great work of the RPG Haven in the Trade Hall
Andrew Cousins (@TakasakiAndy) was one of the first listeners to the GROGPOD – he introduced us to Roll20 and online play. He had just had his US version of Dicing with Dragons signed by Ian Livingstone.
Blythy GMing Numenera with @richgreen01 and @OrlanthR
Neil Benson is a proud member of the DCC universe
The Iron GM, Simon Burley, creator of GOLDEN HEROES
In the bar, getting leathered with Gaz from the Smart Party. I got a bonus version of The Ten Commandments of Games Workshop.
Doc Cowie gets on bended knee to pitch his “The Breakfast Club goes Red Dawn” concept to Chaosium’s Ian Cooper
Mike Hobbs from The Meeples and Miniatures podcast – rediscovering his RPG mojo!
One of my favourite moments from the weekend. I was there when Paul Baldowski found out he’d won The Popular Choice Award for Best Role-Playing Adventure for Three Faces of the Wendigo. It was emotional.
Judge vrs Judge
My swag from the trade halls: a cup of tea and this battling cars in the aftermath game: Aslands? Shurly shum mishtake?

Author: Dirk

Host of The GROGNARD RPG Files podcast. Talking bobbins about Runequest, Traveller, Call of Cthulhu, T&T, AD&D and others from back in the day and today.

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  1. The bended knee photo shows me (obscured) and my mate Damon (bald guy in the grey t-shirt) drowning our sorrows after awful 8pm-12 roleplaying session was abandoned after 25 minutes due to sabotage by truly terrible player (made me think of the ‘worst roleplaying experience’ on the podcast). We are drinking lager, playing Dr Who card game i bought for my son and asking ourselves ‘who was that guy?’ It was a real shame because other players and GM seemed nice and two other rpg sessions had gone really well.

    Other news: £3.60 for two (half empty) packets of crisps. And I live in London……………….

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