Owlbear and the Wizard’s Staff ScrapBook

The last time I went to Leamington Spa it was in 1996, when I was on my way to a posh event at Lygon Arms, a nearby luxury hotel. It was ‘black tie’ and Mrs Dirk pointed out that I’d only brought my DM boots, so we had to call and buy some emergency shoes.

It is now the home of a mini-con for RPGs with the exotic title of ‘Owl Bear and the Wizard’s Staff’ which took place last weekend. It was hosted by the ever genial Asako_Soh who brought together this epic Tweet-Up. It was great meeting twitter friends and online gaming buddies who I usually see in a tiny window in my computer.

The venue was very good as it big enough to accommodate 10 gaming tables with up to seven players at each. When it isn’t hosting gaming conventions, it is a place where bands practice, so the acoustics were good. There was atmosphere, but the sound from other tables wasn’t distracting.

I’ve written about the game I played, and the samosas, so here’s some images from our trip.

I didn’t need my emergency shoes.

Thanks to  for organising a great event. 

The Proclaimers have let themselves go
A great logo by @MsGloriaSunset and dice tray by AllRolledUpUK
RuneQuest’s Back! @dimbyd – a RuneMaster, bringing Glorantha to the con scene
Warwick Spice 
Come, it’s time to keep your appointment …


Blythy taking his players to a place where time changes like the wind
Wayne Peter’s Savage World had props, craft and everything!
This lot look like they’re for the chop. The karate chop!


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