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Tomorrow I’m heading to Southport to take part in the 24 Hour RPG – an Annual Event hosted by Tim from the Old Scroates (and others) – to raise money for charity. You may remember that I ran RuneQuest Borderlands last year.

This year I will be running a 12 hour game of Blades in the Dark. Not quite the feat of endurance as last time, but nevertheless it’s a good cause and you can take part.


Pledge some money on the Just Giving page, leave your name and 4 numbers between 1 – 6, so that I can generate ‘a score’ for the characters. You’ll appear as an NPC in the game. I’ll tweet to let you know when your character has appeared and the results of the heist.

This year the charity is Mind.

Report to follow.

Screenshot 2018-11-16 at 20.07.37.png

The generous amount raised at GROGMEET has been added to the total. Thanks again to all those who contributed!

One thought on “Blades in the Dark – Take part! Be an NPC

  1. Glenn Robinson says:

    Have a fabulous time Dirk. I have so many happy memories at that hotel. Cheers and play on!

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