GROGMEET Scrapbook

These are a selection of sights from last weekend for the archive. The sun sets on another GROGMEET.

The next meet-up is online on 12th April 2019 for Virtual GROGMEET: A chance to participate in the GROGMEET for Patreons who can’t make the trip to Manchester, or for people who attended who would like to have a crack at one or two of the other games available.


IMG_4374 2.jpeg
Dirk, Neil, Ste and Rick – the GROGFIGHT Games Masters
Steve R receives his magnificent Cognitive Merchant GamesMaster Screen
Gaz introduces lipsnsnout sausages to another group of Warhammer 4e players
Andy Hemming presented another of his epic dioramas – this year Gaslands


Over at FanBoy Three — The Pendragon Crew were about to go on a Crusade!
Paul Baldowski was Chief Judge – insisted on the technical accuracy of phases in his Judge Dredd
Drakes Seven – Ducks in HeroQuest heading for the Red Moon
Doc ‘Griff’ RPG did a sterling job – two sessions of T&T with over 16 players


It’s not ‘Grog’ Meet for nothing
A HeroQuest recreated in the pub
Ian Cooper interviewed. The ridiculous Home-Made Shrine to the actor Caroline Munro looks on

Author: Dirk

Host of The GROGNARD RPG Files podcast. Talking bobbins about Runequest, Traveller, Call of Cthulhu, T&T, AD&D and others from back in the day and today.

5 thoughts on “GROGMEET Scrapbook”

  1. I Missed Grogmeet because of work travel and now I realise I am on holiday for Virtual Grogmeet. Grr. Makes countdown to Dragonmeet all the more important

  2. what a superb community you guys have created around you!
    Viva La Grogsquad.
    see you again next year.

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