Episode 46 (Part 1) DragonQuest RPG (with Chris Klug)

You’ll believe a Dragon can have hair!

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The GROGNARD files opens on one of our favorites from back in the day. Blythy bought it from Northern Games Day while I was playing a great game of RuneQuest and he was feeling sorry for himself. We played a lot of this game as it was our swords and sorcery game of choice. In this episode we are reconnecting with the game.

Chris Klug is in the Open Box section talking about how he got into game design and the factors that influenced his design decisions for the 2nd edition of the game.

Rob Arcangeli is the GROGSQUAD member who provides an interesting First, Last and Everything. I never expected that The Age of Sigmar would feature in this section.

We watch The Sword and the Sorcerer together in the GROGGLEBOX.

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Author: Dirk

Host of The GROGNARD RPG Files podcast. Talking bobbins about Runequest, Traveller, Call of Cthulhu, T&T, AD&D and others from back in the day and today.

5 thoughts on “Episode 46 (Part 1) DragonQuest RPG (with Chris Klug)”

  1. Dirk, should you ever want to cure yourself of your Sword and the Sorcerer appreciation, you should watch the RiffTrax version of the film. Well, on second thought, it might not cure anything, but might be worth a few laughs.

  2. Thanks, I really enjoyed hearing the interview with Chris Klug. I played a lot of DragonQuest back in the late 80s and have fond memories of the game. The combat system in particular was excellent and pretty dangerous with the grievous injury table. It was interesting to hear Chris talk about the lack of rules for social interaction. For us this was a plus point, because it facilitated role playing. If you wanted to bribe a guard you had to act it out and convince the gm, not just roll some dice. If I ever get the opportunity it is a game I’d love to play again.

  3. You aren’t alone in your love of Sword and the Sorcerer, Dirk. My wife loved the movie though she recognizes how terrible it truly is. Her teenage self had major lust for Lee Horsley. Personally I thought it was a fun but terrible B movie to be sure. My only issue is you saying it’s better than Conan! Unforgivable offense Dirk! 😉

    Appreciated the interview with Chris Klug. DragonQuest was always one of those iffy systems, it had some good aspects to be sure, but a lot of that was probably due to the RuneQuest influences in my opinion.

  4. Could you (Dirk the Dice), please contact me @ email given, please?

    It could be worth a Citadel Imperial (re: “Chicken”) Dragon if things work-out (I left a tweet too… Oh! And followed you. Decent podcast).

    Ever interviewed Steve Jackson? If you don’t already know him, I might be able to broker that, as well as some of the people at Heritage Miniatures, Texas Miniatures, Yaquinto Games, and so on…

  5. Remember how mad you were about White Dwarf dropping RPGs for Warhammer?

    I feel the same way about TSR killing SPI.

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