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As the Final Score recedes (great result between Arbroath and Queen of the South) it’s time to grab a Tizer and sit down to an episode all about Dr Who.

We speak to Dave Chapman, who is the lead writer on Doctor Who Roleplaying Game from Cubicle 7 about his history with the Doctor, his career in game design.

Michael B has sent his First, Last and Everything from Down Under.

In the zoom of roleplaying rambling we watch Dr Who, Pyramids from Mars on the GROGGLEBOX

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7 thoughts on “Episode 47 – Dr Who RPG (with Dave Chapman)

  1. Paul Greenhalgh says:

    Did I hear mention of a vurt fanzine posted to the discord server? Would it be possible to get an invite to the discord server??

    1. Dirk says:

      Here’s a link that will last for today:

      1. Paul Greenhalgh says:

        Awesome, thanks Dirk!

  2. Daily Dwarf says:

    The monster to the right of the dalek (please excuse my Dr Who ignorance) looks like it’s had a few too many sherries.

    1. Dirk says:

      Thats a Sontaran – these covers were done by Chris Achilleos no less

      1. Daily Dwarf says:

        Thanks – the pod makes a bit more sense now. 🙂

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