Episode 49 – Marcus L. Rowland (with Thunder Phase!)

This is the 80th GROGPOD and there is a sense of celebration in the air. We are delighted to have Marcus L Rowland as our guest. He was a stalwart of Whit Dwarf during its hey day. Cthulhu Now! Green Horizon, To Live and Die in Mega City One and the Fear of Flying, his contribution to our gaming imagination back in the day is inestimable.

@DailyDwarf provides a retrospective of his work in White Dwarf.

The first ever Patreon of The GROGNARD Files was Sam Vail and he reveals the first game he played, the last game he played and the game that means everything to him in a lifetime of gaming.

Blythy joins me in the Room of Role Playing Rambling to answer listener questions in the Thunder Phase!

Check out Bud’s RPG Review.

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Author: Dirk

Host of The GROGNARD RPG Files podcast. Talking bobbins about Runequest, Traveller, Call of Cthulhu, T&T, AD&D and others from back in the day and today.

5 thoughts on “Episode 49 – Marcus L. Rowland (with Thunder Phase!)”

  1. Amazing job Steve & Chris – 80 episodes. Well done. You should be proud of what you’ve catalysed, and the environment you’ve created for older folks who still want to play, and for inclusive welcoming gaming.


  2. Great to hear from Marcus L Rowland, you always knew you were in for something good with one of his scenarios in White Dwarf’s contents page. Looking forward to hearing about Forgotten Futures. Coming out of ‘the freeze’ two of the first four scenarios I ran were his, timeless stuff. I’m sure Dirk’s intro gets more Mr Ben era Ray Brooks each time, I can almost hear the children of Festive Rd in the background.

  3. Great show again. I’m up to date again now. This is my favourite podcast. Especially the parts with Dirk and Blythy reminiscing; it’s so great to imagine I still knew [roleplaying] friends from the 80’s. I was luckier than some, in that, I did have about 10 years of non-stop Call of Cthulhu beginning in the 80’s. Since then I’ve been in the deep freeze but I’m hoping to start again in the near future with a new group. Listening to The Bradford Players was the only way I could get my fix until I came across this podcast, and being a Mancunian myself feel like I’m amongst preferred family here with the gentle down to earth humour and sparking clog atmosphere. It’s like having a massage by Nellie Pledge. P.S. Dirk, don’t forget my heads up on Twitter about the new Caroline Munro hosted ‘The Cellar’ show on Talking Pictures TV [Freeview Ch81] beginning on Friday 3rd September! Somehow I don’t think you’ll forget…

  4. Another great episode – perhaps the best way to answer the chihuahua/rottweiler question is to throw down some dice with the some stat blocks & system – can 20 kobolds(?) take out a 4th level(?) fighter?

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