GangBusters RPG (with Mark Hunt) Ep.52 (Part 1)

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster in an RPG.

This time we look back at a classic from back in the day. Pound the mean streets of LakeFront City as we look back to playing the game back in the 80s. Blythy opens up the box of delights as we recall the old neighbourhood where we used to play.

We are joined by Mark Hunt who has revived GangBusters with some additional material for the old game. He’s also revised the game retro-cloning the BX rules. You can find everything over on Drive Thru RPG.

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We are looking for recommendations for youth groups where we can send games from our good friends at – following fundraising in memory of Mike Hobbs. Please get in touch if you know of a group that would benefit from new games.


Author: Dirk

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3 thoughts on “GangBusters RPG (with Mark Hunt) Ep.52 (Part 1)”

  1. I don’t recall seeing Gangbusters when I went into Ryder’s hobby shop back in the day. Was not sure if this episode would resonate with me, but Mark’s enthusiasm and Michigan origins won me over…

  2. Excellent interview with Mark Hunt, and a great episode overall. It has inspired me to break out my own copy that I purchased in 1980-something and to buy some of Mark’s PDFs, starting with Joe’s Diner.

    One correction, though. Origins has only been held in Michigan twice (Ann Arbor in 1978 and Detroit in 1983). Starting in 1996, Origins has been held every year in Ohio in the city of Columbus. (From 1975 to 1995 Origins was held in a different city every year, starting with Baltimore, Maryland.)

  3. I really enjoyed this episode. I knew about Gangbusters since TSR products were my main pursuit during the 80s, but I never really thought it sounded that interesting, but your guest sparked my interest. I think I’ll pick up Joe’s Diner along with Mike’s B/X GB rules. Thanks for interviewing Mr. Hunt and keep up the good work.

    Luke Enyart

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