Twenty Four Hour Total Party-Kill

I’m honoured to be taking part in this year’s Charity 24 hour RPG organised by Tim from the Old Scroates. On 18th November from 1pm to 1 pm the next day there will be an RPG endurance test at WarGames in Southport, featuring Numenera, StarFinder and D&D 5e.

The event is in aid of a very worthy cause: Alder Hey Children’s Hospital; a specialist unit  that has touched the lives of many families in the North West region. Players will pledge a donation and the top 6 bids will ‘win’ a place at the table.

If you can’t attend, but would still like to support the players in this test of an old man’s ability to think straight for longer than 3 hours, then please donate at the Just Giving page, where you’ll also find more details about the event.



I will be offering a table of RuneQuest Adventures in Glorantha, using the GENCON preview version. You’ll roll characters using the new-improved immersive rules, before heading north, from Dragon Pass, to forge a new life for you and your clan in the Dorastor region. A new life awaits you in the Land of Doom.



If you would like to play any of the games, simply send an email to with your details, which game you’d like to play and your pledge amount.

You don’t have to pay anything at this stage. The bidding closes 1st November.