Episode 22 (Part 2) RuneQuest RolePlaying in Glorantha (with Michael O’Brien aka MOB)


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INTRO: I’ve got one of those blowers with a feather on the end to celebrate our anniversary and the release of RuneQuest RolePlaying in Glorantha.

MOB RETURNS: MOB talks about all the different ways that you can play in Glorantha: 13th Age, HeroQuest, but especially RuneQuest. Here he talks about how RuneQuest appeals to the gamers from back in the day, through its legacy supplements and how it can appeal to new gamers who have discovered Glorantha through The King of Dragon Pass. He also talks about some of the new releases, such as the Bestiary and 6 Ages as well as some of the fan initiatives such as Encounter Role-Play. He also reveals the plans to create a site for Glorantha fan material using a similar model as The Miskatonic  Repository.


JUDGE BLYTHY ROLLS: We discuss ‘how to get started in Glorantha’ with an emphasis on ‘play’s the thing’.

ACTUAL PLAY: Gaz and Baz from The Smart Party podcast with Matt Hart from Steam Forged Games join Dirk in a Diana Jones Award winning segment of Actual Play. If you want to see more then head to their site.

JUDGE BLYTHY ROLLS AGAIN: We discuss character creation using the new rules. I try to appeal to the Judge with my new gizmos from Infinity Engine and Q Workshop.

OUTRO: There’s three months to go to join the Patreon campaign to receive a hard-copy of the GROGZINE 19.


Author: Dirk

Host of The GROGNARD RPG Files podcast. Talking bobbins about Runequest, Traveller, Call of Cthulhu, T&T, AD&D and others from back in the day and today.

12 thoughts on “Episode 22 (Part 2) RuneQuest RolePlaying in Glorantha (with Michael O’Brien aka MOB)”

  1. I LIKE YOUR RUNEQUEST IN Gloratha a and I hope you well get some people soon to do a pod cast game – live as it where like critical one, but with Runequest-[ COC!

  2. It is not usually a good idea to insult your customers or your listeners. Since I started playing RuneQuest in 1979 our understanding of animal rights has been transformed. I would like to invite you to sign the Animals Asia petition against pig sacrifice. https://animalsasia.org.

    1. I’m sorry if you feel insulted. It was certainly not the intention. There was no mockery of the person making the comment. In the context of the image there is no depiction of any violence against animals: it is an imaginary situation. During the interview the review was considered ‘weird’ because it was unexpected given the sheer amount of artwork. I can’t speak for Chaosium, but from my point of view, I’m sorry for any offence you have taken from the podcast. I’ll read and consider the petition. Dirk.

  3. Thank you. Apart from that segment, I’ve very much enjoyed the podcasts over the past three years.

  4. I’ve never played a game set in Glorantha. My introduction to Runequest was a 3rd edition game at a sci-fi convention in the late 80s. I don’t remember the adventure, but there was another player who joined the game who became quite upset that the adventure wasn’t set in Glorantha. He got so upset he couldn’t play a duck he quit the game.

  5. Discussing playing Glorantha ‘right’ and I remember when I played through Broken Tower as Vasana, I got a strong feeling of a bronze-age society that lived in small tribes in small villages of huts in a wild country and whose lives revolved around family honour, duty and cattle. Very simple broad strokes that gave a strong sense of the tone and flavour of the setting and really gave Vasana a sense of place and belonging and motivation too. It was, in the end, her undoing but under the circumstances that felt right.

  6. Great episode, I can’t comment much as I’m not a Runequest fan, but your analysis was interesting nevertheless. Once again I find myself in agreement with Judge Blythy over a publisher creating a game world but leaving bits for your own variations. One that springs to mind is Traveller where is was fairly easy to come up with a non-Imperium star map populated by a few systems, and most of the published one-shot adventures could be placed anywhere on a viable planet, so that also accomplished the ability to take “canon” adventures into your own world(s). Keep on fingering that gavel.

  7. Another smashing episode filled with love for RuneQuest. I’m hoping that the new RQG game does herald a new renaissance for RQ and Glorantha.

    I could have guessed the highlight of the last 38 episodes would be Blythy’s (well-fingered) gavel. Much giggling in the office I had to pretend was a coughing fit.

  8. Call me a contrarian, but as a longtime T&T enthusiast my own favourite moment from the podcast was when none other than Ken St. Andre wrote in and was rude about Dirk and co.’s charming regional accents – the rascal!

    I’m sure the denizens of Glorantha, residing in an age without industrialised food production methods, would have eaten the pig after its sacrifice to their deity/totem/favourite band. Outdoor bred and organic meat is a good thing, no? It’s certainly tasty…..

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