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INTRO: It’s the first anniversary of Greg Stafford’s passing and to recognise the event, we are celebrating one of his greatest, collaborative creations: Thieves’ World. There’s a quick potted history featured here, if you want to see the supplement for yourself, I’ve made a short unboxing film.

OPEN BOX: Eddy has managed to track down a copy of the supplement from eBay. We open it up together.

FIRST, LAST and EVERYTHING: From Californian GROGSQUADer Will Johnson.

WHITE DWARF: @DailyDwarf ‘s back for White Dwarf in the City.

GAMESMASTER’S SCREEN: Blythy and Dirk try to make the tables work.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 32 – Thieves’ World

  1. Nick Edwards (12sideddice on twitter) says:

    Thieves World was one of my favourites when it first came out and when I started rebuilding my collection from (almost) scratch 10 years ago, it was one of the first purchases from eBay. Like the lads, back then I enjoyed reading it and poring over the maps more than actually planning to play it. So doubly pleased I got a place in the T&T game using the setting at Grogmeet19.

    I didn’t know Robert Asprin, who oversaw the original fiction collections, was a gamer.

  2. Dale Houston says:

    Dragonquest got mentioned a few times. I’d like to hear an episode on DQ – both that and Universe were RPGs I was interested in but never got to read or play.

    I still curse TSR for what they did to SPI.

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