Table-top RPGs from back in the day and today.

Tim Harford, economist, columnist, broadcaster, best-selling author, podcaster and role-player was the very special guest at virtual GROGMEET 2021.

There were a vast array of games available over the weekend, including a fiendish quiz set by Pookie from Reviews from R’lyeh – thank you to everyone who took part to make it a great event.

It was a joy and a privilege to join Tim in the Zoom of Role-Playing Rambling to discuss his formative years in the hobby, his current game and all about the setting that means everything to him.

You’ll find Tim’s podcast, Cautionary Tales, over at his website and through all your usual pod boxes.

4 thoughts on “Extra – My Role-Playing Games First, Last and Everything (with Tim Harford)

  1. bigjuju says:

    This was SO MUCH fun! Thanks, Dirk. Can you help me find that 3 page distillation of GURPS that Tim mentioned?

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