Episode 39 – Hawkmoon RPG (with Lawrence Whitaker)

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Loz Whitaker from The Design Mechanism returns to face The GamesMaster’s screen. He talks about The Eternal Champion, Strontium Dog and Mythras.

We have been enjoying a Hawkmoon series of adventures using Mythras using elements of Chaosium’s Hawkmoon and the Mongoose version.

Doc ‘Con’ Cowie shares his First, Last and Everything.

In a new section, we look at vintage magazines Different Worlds and Adventurer.

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Author: Dirk

Host of The GROGNARD RPG Files podcast. Talking bobbins about Runequest, Traveller, Call of Cthulhu, T&T, AD&D and others from back in the day and today.

10 thoughts on “Episode 39 – Hawkmoon RPG (with Lawrence Whitaker)”

  1. Woohoo! New Grogpod. Wait…Lawrence Whitaker lives in “Hicksville, Ontario”? I live in Hicksville, Ontario. I wonder where he is? Great ‘pod, Dirk and Judge Blythie.

  2. Never saw a copy of Different Worlds but was fond of Adventurer. Scanned a copy of the Terry Pratchett interview in the copy you discussed to a biographer of Terry Pratchett as he hadn’t managed to find a copy.

  3. Your pronounciation is sometimes a hard burden for me to bear.

    Not your Lancastrian accents. I’m from your part of the world meself. Sithee.

    But sometimes… I sometimes think you read the word once, guessed how it should sound and then remembered the guess.

    How do you get something ending in ‘rose’ from “Erekosë”?

    “Er eh koh sey”: I think though I’m capable of being persuaded otherwise.

    I suppose I should be grateful you’ve not done EMPIRE OF THE PETAL THRONE yet….

    Have you done APOCALYPSE WORLD in your great post-apocalypse cycle yet? How about GURPS AFTER THE END?


    An aging grumpy git

    1. You’re right – a remembered guess and it’s not always consistent. We’re playing Conan at the moment and I’ve got about three different variants of main Prince at the centre of the adventure.

      Nevermind Tekumel – I’m name-blind with my colleagues at work. I work with someone named Spotford – I always refer to her as Stopford (or is it the other way round).

      I’ve got Apocalypse World on the list – planning it for later in the year.


  4. I’ve been playing a Panash cultist (Rogue/Swashbuckler) in our current D&D 5e game, so it was a treat to hear you mention Panash in the latest Grogpod.

    I always thought Different Worlds was the best of the old-school gaming magazines. Not that I ever saw White Dwarf in small-town Ohio. DW was to The Dragon as RQ was to D&D, kind of. It felt like less of a house organ that The Space Gamer or Ares.

    The only Moorcock I read back in the day was, something not Eternal Champion. I know I’ve still got it somewhere, but the title escapes me.

    Moorcock was having a bit of a cultural moment in the early 80’s, or at least he had a few games come out from my favorite game company (Chaosium) and a few comics that came out from my favorite comics company (First Comics).

    Now that I think about it, I mostly knew Elric from the Elrod the Albino parody of him in Cerebus. When I finally read Elric I was disappointed that he didn’t, I say, he didn’t talk like Foghorn Leghorn.

  5. I’m surprised you guys hadn’t heard of Teenagers From Outer Space. (Yes, yes, I’m behind in my podcast listening!) I guess it’s an American thing, but culturally it’s probably third only to Paranoia and Toon in the pantheon of comedy RPGs. It was created by Mike Pondsmith of Cyberpunk fame, and it’s basically a game for recreating all the goofy American and Japanese high school comedies that have been around since the 50s. The game’s still in print, technically, so it definitely didn’t sink without a trace!

  6. Are you aware that Valkyrie magazine had an article about adding Erekose to Chaosium’s eternal champion series RPG?

    It is in volume 2 issue 6 from 1998.

    The title of the article is “Chaos Theory” and runs to 4 pages.

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