Runequest RPG Ep. 1 (Part 1)

This is where the GROGPOD began. We started playing RPGs with RuneQuest, so we start with the podcast with a history of the game.


It was a steep learning curve, but this was where the GROGPOD first began. This is a remastered version of the original recording. Nothing has been re-recorded, but the levels have been balanced, some light editing of pauses, and chapters added.

In this first episode, I open up the Runequest GROGNARD file, as it’s the game that we first played all those years ago.

Open Box – revealing the content within the 2nd edition box set produced in the UK by Games Workshop

The White Dwarf – @dailydwarf selects the best Runequest feature from White Dwarf magazine.

Judge Blythy Rules! – @sjamb7 our resident rules lawyer talks through some of the finer points of Runequest and argues the toss over Ducks.

Games Master’s Screen – Five Runequest supplements randomly selected using my Grognard table with a buyers guide from @Edinthesand

Coming soon, a Micro Grog Pod containing the Origin Story  and complete history of Runequest. Until then – enjoy, and let me know what you think!

Author: Dirk

Host of The GROGNARD RPG Files podcast. Talking bobbins about Runequest, Traveller, Call of Cthulhu, T&T, AD&D and others from back in the day and today.

17 thoughts on “Runequest RPG Ep. 1 (Part 1)”

  1. Thank you very much Michael! Hope you don’t mind if I quote from your review in the next episode? So pleased that you enjoyed it, particularly since we had so much pleasure playing Rumble at The Tin Inn. That’ll be the last time that I order milk at a bar.

  2. Hi just listened to tour podcast with delight ! I’ve ran three Runequest campaigns & i’m currently 18months into my 4th with younger newbies who seem to love it. I’m 46 Live in Southport not far from Bolton & like you we used to play rpg’s from the age of 12 many years ago through those long summers. And have recently got in touch with the old gang & are doing a 5th ed d&d ‘old scrote’ once a month session. Would you like to join sometime ? ( we also have many commitments ) my name’s Ric btw. Also my mate Tim Brittain usedto play withJohn Quaif who wrote many an article for RQ.

    1. Hi Ric,

      Thanks for listening and posting a comment. Good to know that there’s a RQ session happening so close to home. I used to live in Ormskirk, so would hang-out in Southport often back in the day. I would love to come and join you. Perhaps we can arrange something later in the year? We’re doing a D&D episode in the Spring, so it would be good to see how the game has evolved. Let’s keep in touch and I’ll make arrangements with the Fun Prevention Officer.

      I hope you’ll subscribe and listen to the rest of the episodes and let me know what you think.

      Happy new year!

  3. Will do the ‘old scrote’ d&d sess is once every 4 months or so. We could do with another experienced player. One of our guys designs games and another works for travelling man. We could meet up & chinwag sometime. We also have a massive gaming shop just opened called Wargames & he’s willing to host events etc. Three months ago we did a three ref 24 hour charity d&d for 18 people & raised £800. Regarding Runequest it’s my passion players have been all over Prax Sun county Garhound Pavis etc. Just helping the Feathered horse Queen try & re light the flame of Sartar in Boldhome atm. Email me

    1. Hiya. This is the afore mentioned Tim. Just to say how this brings back just the right memories of such similar days. I went on to play editions of RQ after this, with 3rd ed still being my fave for Glorantha. But, what an amazing world, with concepts that still fill me with that same awe even today. Many many a day and night exploring the depths of this wonderful game.
      Anyhoo..As Ric says above, if you are interested in some D&D fun, please, give me a mail, and we’ll sort something out, or at least have a good old yarn about it.

      1. 4 years later… operation catch up
        I think I know these fellers. I too am a native of Southport. Though since moved further North.
        Back in the day I did a little Runequest and a bit of Hawkmoon, oh and Stormbringer at college in Middlesbrough.* But not much, since then I have grown to appreciate the D100 system more.
        The pod cast has gotten be very interested in it again. Cheers!

        *one of the players ended up big in the RPG art industry, a Wayne Reynolds.

  4. Hey Dirk and Blythy!
    Just a question. Dirk mentioned Oliver Dickinson’s article in White Dwarf that helped correct the critical hit problem that Blythy mentions. Which number is that article in? Love the show, Steve!

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