Table-top RPGs from back in the day and today.

Three years ago I had my debut running a con-game at the first ever Con-Vergence in Stockport. The event will always hold a special affection my heart, and last year I hosted Golden Heroes, which was one of my personal gaming highlights of 2018. This year I could only get there for the Saturday afternoon, …

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There’s still time to submit your photos of the supporting material that you’ve made for your games. Handouts, minis, floor-plans, counters, character sheets, improvised props or anything you’ve produced to enhance a game. Send it before the end of the month and the best, selected by our friends Jo and Cris from will be sent …

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Download Episode In this episode we review our year in gaming and dish out our GROGGIE awards. It also features WFRP actual play, hosted by The Smart Party. Subscribe to their feed to catch the rest of it, when it is released. Podcast recommendations: How we Roll, The Chimpions, Vintage RPG podcast, and Appendix N.